Winner of the Sustainable initiative of the year award by development 2030 at AIDEX

Nizam is a major player in Pakistan, crafting and exporting top-notch tents globally. With a legacy of over 150 years, our commitment to quality resonates worldwide.

About Nizam RELIEF

At H. Nizam Din & Sons, we understand that those affected by a disastrous event need immediate attention. With round the clock emergency response 365 days a year, we manufacture and supply tents designed to cater to different needs and core relief supplies such as Emergency Survival Hygiene & Shelter Kits. Blankets, Sleeping Mats, Kitchen Sets, Collapsible Jerry Cans to governments, International refugee agencies, bilateral donors and NGOs.

With decades of experience in the humanitarian segment, we have worked with numerous global relief agencies, international organizations, NGOs, Donors such as UNICEF, UNHCR, IOM, ICRC, IFRC, USAID ,UKAID ,WorldVision, German Red Cross – providing them with relief supplies as per their unique requirements. Our attention to detail and commitment to quality make us a preferred supply partner.


To be the most innovative, reliable and sustainable partner for tent manufacturing.

Family business
since 1869

Vertical & diversified textile manufacturer

6 Factories with
over 1,200,000 sq ft

2500+ Employees

Investing in innovation and technology

Carbon Neutral

As a versatile textile manufacturer, Nizam has a string foundation and espertise in tents and shelter. We consider it our prime responisbility to uphold nature, ensuring the production of robust, spacious and versatile tents


We at Nizam believes that our people are greatest assets. They are not just partners in our progress but also the most critical factor in transforming our vision into reality. We ensure that our team feels valued and respected while working with us. We do this by maintaining a balance between maintaining a fast paced, competitive, and challenging work environment and one that is empowering, nurturing, and makes everyone feel at home.

We nurture a culture of creating the best possible work environment by providing benefits, regular training, and skill-building capacity of human resources to ensure what is created is the best.

We ensure:

Equal Opportunity Employment

Succession Planning

Commitment to Pay Living Wage

On Site

Training & Development

Career Growth Opportunities

On Site
Health care
Day Care
for Kids

A workers welfare organization launched under the Nizam One Initiative. With a sole vision to support Health and Education of our employees and their families.

Is an internal training and development Center that works on both soft and hard skills. Not limited to the factory workers. It helps us develop our team so that our team can grow internally through the ranks of the organization.



Haji Nizam Din identified the potential during the mutiny of 1857 and started manufacturing tents for the army in the year 1869. The Government of India placed the firm on the approved list of contractors for the government, railway and ruling chief of India.

The first factory was established in Lahore, and over the years gained an enviable reputation for high quality and bacame one of the prime vendors for the Government and various agencies.


In the year 1939, the military authorities expressed their appreciation by relying on the company for the manufacture of numerous tents. Heavy military demand compelled NIZAM to manufacture a different kind of tents for the military authorities which were sent to various parts of the subcontinent and a new factory was started in 1943 in Lahore.

Identifying Karachi as the future of Pakistan after independence, a modern facility was established in Karachi, Pakistan. It became one of the first manufacturing facilities to start exporting products from the 1950’s to various countries in the Middle East and Iran.

World War II

We are a diversified textile manufacturer, while our roots and expertise srills in Tents and Shelter, we have incested in new manufacturing facilities to become a diverse player in the global textile industry, servicing customers in over 100 Countries.

Our portfolio of products across our manufacturing facilities are:

– Tents and Shelter
– Denim Jeans and Protective Clothing for Work Wear
– Home Textile and Made Ups
– Polyester Fleece Blankets

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